Not Alone

In many ways, this blog feels like a self indulgent exploration of grief. Lone floating in the ocean of me. But I sincerely hope it’s more than that. I hope that somehow my wondering thoughts meet yours and toe to toe may they dance a little. Or perhaps that my hearts cry may echo in the chambers of your chest, telling you that you are not alone.


(PHOTO: This chair has been with me for years. I’ve done the usual sitting, its been on stage in a play I directed, its been the main prop for a dance I choreographed and now, its helped me visualise loneliness.)

2 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. Anni

    Thank you for sharing your blog Amy. Your honesty and the love you have for your dad is beautiful. I’m facing the same journey and I’m pretty terrified. I really appreciate you sharing your journey. Thank you.

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    1. Amy Dwight

      Terrified is true. It’s such a feeling of helplessness. The best advice I was given in the midst of it was to love with all I had in me. To love so recklessly because it was all that I could do. Peace in the storm Anni. Oo


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