Not a Bad Word

At Dad’s thanksgiving service and around the time of his death, the thing that was most said about him was:
“I never heard Graeme say anything bad about anyone.”

Wow! How I’d love people to say that about me when I’m gone…I guess there’s still time 😉

But this has really challenged me. It’s one of the things about Dad that has embedded itself upon me, one of his fingerprints. Now, anytime I’m talking about someone else, I will often catch myself out, pause, and re-assess how I’m speaking. What a gift. A gift he was not even aware that he would give me.

A gift he would give me after he was gone.

It makes me wonder, the gifts I will leave behind. There is great hidden meaning and purpose to the lives we live. Our actions now, are the making of heaven on earth.

What are the lasting pieces of heaven that linger here?

(PHOTO: My darling Pa, Dad’s dad, with my Dad in the background. I chose it because it reminds me of how much we hand onto the generations below. My Pa handed on many wonderful things that effected me, my brothers and cousins, and now the generations beyond!)

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