Beauty is…

Beauty does not linger, it passes by with an invitation to things eternal.
It draws us toward an embrace of wonder and life and wraps us, momentarily, in that which changes us.

Beauty is light. Never to be found in the darkness, but amidst the shadows of doubt, struggle and pain, it comes through pulling with it our forgotten dreams.

Beauty calls. It’s voice reaches in and grips our heart, reminding us we are still breathing and beckoning us to joy. It tempts us with visions of hope, opening the chest of imagination, and for a moment, possibilities arise like whales in our mind.

Beauty affects with a lasting impression. It faces dispair with valiant colour and like the morning bird, heralds the dawn with its song.

Beauty is unexpected grace, the dying star that explodes our space and leaves us with a galaxy of wild adventure.


(Photographs: I took these on my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Here, I see true beauty held in deep love. A love that lasted many hardships, sacrificed much and upheld the other with honour and devotion. The example of marriage that I have been so privileged to witness has shaped me greatly.)

2 thoughts on “Beauty is…

  1. Judi Blowers

    Amy you had an amazing dad. Such a beautiful person and likewise is your beautiful mum too. And you dear Amy an amazing woman, a loving heart daughter. Thinking of you all at this time. Xxoo

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