Call. Hear. See. Know.


Call us!
Call us back to the place where water flows freely from the cleft of the rock and carpets of green are beneath our feet.
Call us back to the place where light dances with shadow and runs across our skin.
Call us!
Call us into the caves of the field where the air hangs differently around our mind.
Call us amongst the trees of fruit to taste of their sweetness again.

Oh, let us hear.

Let us raise our heads in recognition of your echoing voice, faint though it may be.
Let us hear!
Let us find you in the unexpected mysteries of creation and discover you are near.
Let us know your gentle whisper and word of love.
Let us hear!

Oh, let us see.

Let us see the ones without hope or place to rest their weary self.
Let us see where you are in the midst of it all.
Let us see the colours of the day, that their brilliance may overcome us.
Let us look upon the old with new eyes.
Let us see!

Call us. Let us hear. Let us see.

Gift us a heart to know you are still with us. Still.

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